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Wooden Eyeglasses

Wood eyeglasses have become a hot eyewear trend, and we know how you guys love being fashion-forward. Our wood frames come in beautiful polished Sandalwood from the Pacific Islands and in simulated wood made from brushed acetate plastic.

Frames made from sandalwood are indicated in the top left corner of the index image. The subtle and intricate details of these glasses make for a one-of-a-kind look. As always, turn these frames into sunglasses, reading Glasses, or computer glasses by adding our valuable lens coatings at checkout. Get inspired by our wooden wonders.

Get the Trendiest Wooden Eyeglasses at 21dollarglasses.com Today

Looking for something different? Need something that’ll give you a fresh, new look without sending your wallet into cardiac arrest? If so, then go for wood eyeglass frames! Wooden eyeglasses are the perfect way to project a sense of individual style with a naturally warm flair.

Why Choose 21dollarglasses.com for Wooden Eyeglass Frames?

We offer a unique catalog of wooden and wooden styled eyeglass frames. Our frames look awesome and they’re super comfortable, too. Choose from various colors like brown, green, silver, and gold. Or, select the perfect shape for your face from among rectangular, square, circle, and oval options.

Make a bold fashion statement or take your geek chic to another level with a new pair of wood eyeglass frames from 21dollarglasses.com.

Why Choose Wooden Eyeglasses?

If you’re allergic to artificial metals, a new set of wood eyeglass frames might be the perfect fit for you. We also offer a variety of styles, including aviator, sports, wayfarer, clip-on glasses, and much more. Wooden frames are also biodegradable in nature, which means they can be easily recycled without causing harm to the environment.

Classic Character Meets Affordable Chic

One of the things we love most about wooden eyeglasses is the textures and natural accents that give wood its distinct character. Take your natural style to another level with a new pair of wood eyeglass frames from 21dollarglasses.com.


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