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You’re not just any parent. You’re a cool parent. And cool parents don’t outfit their kids in just any old pair of shades. For savvy parental figures, it’s gotta be 21dollarglasses.com. Our kids’ sunglasses, Kids Premiums, take the cake when it comes to all-around value, style, durability, and plain-old cool factor. Each pair is designed to fit most kids from 1 to 5 years old, and we’re not talking just about size! We know it can be hard to find sunglasses kids are actually willing to wear, so we’ve made our extra fun and form-fitting so that they don’t go flying off on the swings.

Not only that but our sunglasses for kids are, well for kids. That means that every pair is done top-to-bottom—or, if you want to get technical, from the bridge to bottom rim—in colors, patterns, and themes that pint-sized sun-lovers adore. Your little one(s) will actually be pumped to wear cool, kid-friendly sunnies featuring brightly colored lenses. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that they look a lot like mom and dad’s—our kids' sunglasses are modeled after our best-selling frame style, 21dollarglasses.com Premiums.

They Have Stuff Parents Care About

So now that we know your kids will dig ‘em, what about the decision-makers? They’ll like them, too, because each pair is equipped with UV400 lenses for extra sun protection. The lenses are also FDA approved and impact-resistant, which means that they’re tough enough to handle triple-digit swing speeds and down and dirty sandbox sessions. What’s more, 21dollarglasses.com is all about affordability, and these kids’ sunglasses don’t disappoint there, either. So if your youngster busts a pair while jumping off the slide, no big deal.


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