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Rimless Eyeglasses

Rimless frames toss the extravagant design elements of full-rim glasses. No-frame glasses connect by a nose bridge and the temples are fixed directly to the lenses. If you want your frames to go unnoticed and the focus to stay on your face, these rimless glasses are perfect for you.

Our most subtle frames come in titanium and metal materials, several colors, and many shapes. We recommend these ultra lightweight frames for those who do not anticipate excessive falls and tumbles for their frames. These glasses may be a great option for those looking to leave a spare of specs at the office for computer or reading vision. Also note that due to the minimalistic nature of these frames, thinner lenses may be required for high-power prescriptions. Shop our classic rimless frames now.

Types of Rimless Glasses

Three-piece rimless eyeglasses have their lenses attached to the bridge and each temple arm. Cortlands, or rimways, offer enhanced stability for lenses and have a supporting arch connecting the bridge to the temples. Worn by both men and women since the 19th century, rimless glasses never really went out of fashion, because of their timeless appearance and ability to adapt to quickly changing frame fashion trends.

With the development of lightweight polycarbonate lenses and titanium frames, three-piece eyeglasses are currently one of the 21st century's most popular frame styles.

Why Do People Wear Glasses Without Frames?

If you really dislike picking out new frames every few years because you can't decide what looks good on you by yourself and you know your friends won't tell you the truth, go with rimless glasses. Since eyeglass trends can change faster than the seasons do, you'll never have to worry about your glasses being out of style or clashing with the more outrageously colored items in your wardrobe.

Some people never get used to wearing glasses with frames. They're too heavy, they don't like fussing with the way they look, they can't stop seeing the blurry frame outline surrounding their field of vision, and they can never find a frame they think looks attractive on their face. Rimless glasses also give you that erudite appearance synonymous with someone who can read War and Peace in one afternoon.

Ask a wearer of rimless glasses what they love best about them and they'll more than likely say, “I don't even know I'm wearing them!” That's because these fabulous glasses are the most lightweight, unobtrusive pieces of eyewear you'll ever have on your face. All you have are lenses and two, thin temple pieces to keep your lenses in front of your eyes. What can be more simple and beautiful than that?