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Browline Glasses

Looking for some old school cool, daddy-o? Strong browline glasses create that perfect fusion of retro-modern feel perfect for any styles or occasions. Browline eyeglasses and sunglasses are among the most iconic retro designs ever created. Browline glasses tend to mimic the way eyebrows frame the face, hence their name. Inspired by the fashions of the ‘50s and ‘60s, the style has reemerged three times since it was first unveiled in 1986.

Where’s the brow on my glasses? The brow refers the top horizontal plane of an eyeglass frame, and two separate pieces (one above each lens) or a single line created by the top of each lens and the nose bridge that joins them. Check out our browline glasses available in a wide range of hip colors and bold styles. At 21dollarglasses.com, we offer one of the largest collections of browline glasses available anywhere. Our vast catalog includes a collection of trendy designs and classic styles that look incredible on both men and women.

Classic Retro Look

Also known as Clubmasters, browline eyeglasses have revolutionized the world of fashionable eyewear. Going for a retro look? Pick up a pair of these and you won’t go wrong.

Urban Hipster Chic

The flat style is another popular variation of browline eyeglass frames. This design is perfect for the urban hipster. Show off your confidence and style with this bold, fresh look.

Whether your inspiration is Malcom X or “Mad Men,” browline glasses will help you create the classic style you’re going for. Plus, you can add these frames to your wardrobe with or without a prescription.

Customizations Made-to-Order

Another thing we offer at 21dollarglasses.com is exclusivity. We can highly customize any order you make. Just try us. Want some parts of your new glasses to be made with wood, acetate, or metal? Done! Your wish is our command.