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Sports Glasses for Kids

Aside from safety, kids sports glasses need to have one quality—comfort, especially in the heat of an intense match. An uncomfortable pair of youth sports glasses can have a negative effect on performance. To combat this and to make our youth athletic glasses as comfortable as possible, each Liberty Sport pair has the following features:

  • An eye rim design that allows for nearly any prescription lens type
  • Molded padding for extra grip, comfort, and durability
  • A nylon frame capable of withstanding high-impact blows
  • Polycarbonate lenses that meet ASTM F803 standards
  • A soft hypo-allergenic TPR bridge for added support and comfor
  • Kids’ sports glasses from Liberty Sport cover all the bases, offering advanced protection, excellent comfort, and unbeatable style.


Your kids eyes are exposed to UV rays, dust, and other irritations while doing activities. Their eyes are more susceptible to UV damage. Sport glasses for kids are built to reduce a chance of getting injuries on their eyes with impact-resistant lenses and UV protection. Kids safety goggles come with a comfortable adjustable strap for easier movement. Let them enjoy their favorite sport while protecting their eyes.

Prescription Youth Sports Glasses and Goggles

21dollarglasses.com Sports Glasses and Goggles are listed from a variety of styles below. These frames are all ideal for kids with smaller faces. The key to a good safety goggle is a strong frame and an unbreakable lens with the best clarity in a stylish pair of sports goggles.The rest of the prescription sports glasses for kids are listed after the safety goggles are for your everyday wear. All of the frames are available in prescription sunglasses or prescription glasses in a fashionable, sturdy frame designed for small faces. Protect those young eyes today, not tomorrow.