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Full Rim Eyeglasses

Full rim eyeglasses from 21dollarglasses.com might sound self-explanatory: these frames fully enclose lenses. But don't undersell these versatile frames. Our sturdiest, most durable, and most impact-resistant frames come in endless colors, styles, and sizes.

Full-Rim frames comprise the majority of 21dollarglasses.com eyeglasses. These bestsellers come in plastic, metal, titanium, and wood texture materials. Need more style options? Search square, round, cat eye, wayfarer, oval, and rectangle shapes. Shop our bestselling glasses now.

Half Rim or Rimmed Glasses?

A common question we get asked by customers shopping for new glasses at 21dollarglasses.com involves the functional and aesthetic differences among half rim, no rim, and full rim eyeglasses. Besides your strong personal preference for a certain type of frame, you might consider the following:
• Do you want to treat your glasses as a fashion accessory?
• Do you predict your eyeglasses may experience a rough life? (Getting slept on, sat on, dropped, squashed in a purse, etc.)
• Do you mind the feeling of a little extra weight sitting on your nose?
• Do you have vision problems that require thicker-than-average lenses?
• Do you want your glasses to be low-maintenance?

If you nodded to yourself after reading these questions, you're ready to start browsing our collection of rimmed eyeglasses in our online catalog. Durable and dependable full frame glasses are also great for active kids who can't take the time out of their busy schedules to attend to less sturdy eyeglasses.

What Is the Best Frame Material?

Since rimmed glasses are all about frames (with a couple of lenses thrown in), choosing your frame material is a top priority. One of the most popular eyeglass frame materials is hypoallergenic titanium. With its deep luster and strength, titanium is your best bet for securely holding the thicker lenses needed to correct more acute vision problems. You'll find three kinds of titanium available for use in eyeglass frames: memory metal, beta and commercially pure. But, if you don't want titanium, 21dollarglasses.com also has wood-textured acetate and gleaming stainless steel.

Make Your Full Rim Eyeglasses Your Sunglasses, Too

Protect your eyes from UV radiation without changing glasses by selecting premium Transitions™ lenses or photochromic lenses that darken when you go outside. Just select your frame type, then choose “light adjusting” after entering your prescription information during lens selection.