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The search for cheap glasses is over. And guess what: it definitely isn’t at your local brick & mortar optometrist. At 21DollarGlasses.com, you can find cheap glasses online from a variety of over 1000 designer styles. Don’t get tricked by bigwig eyewear companies with their cheap glasses frames and astronomically expensive lenses. Here, we keep our frames as low as $6 and our high-quality lenses as low as $6.95 or more. New to buying cheap prescription glasses from an online retailer? Our 2-week fit and style guarantee lets you get a full refund, no questions asked. On top of that, our 365-day craftsmanship guarantee lets you send in your pair for a free replacement for any manufacturing errors.

How Do We Make Our Quality Glasses So Affordable?

When people browse our fashionable catalog of over 1000 inexpensive glasses, a lot of them ask: “How can something that’s usually so pricy, be so affordable?” Well, here’s our answer: As a company, we always strive to break free from industry standards. That means we’re constantly fighting against the trends that big eyewear giants have used to dominate the industry so far.

Older glasses companies have been unfairly upselling their glasses for decades. A single pair of glasses can cost you upwards of $300 or more at some other stores. Since seeing properly is something that is vital to people’s everyday lives, no one could really object to higher prices. Our mission is to reverse this mindsight by making this important tool accessible to all.

From the day it was founded, 21DollarGlasses.com’s main goal has been to provide affordable eyeglasses for EVERYONE. Since we deliver them straight to your doorstep, we don’t have to maintain and pay for physical stores around the country. Long story short? That means we can lower our prices for you. This is how we consistently produce eyewear made out of high-quality materials without compromising your wallet.

Why “Cheap Eyeglasses” Doesn’t Mean “Bad Glasses”

When people discover that we sell frames starting at $6.95, they’re shocked. While most are pleasantly impressed, some get a little bit skeptical about the quality of the product they’re about to receive. Don’t worry. From our hands to yours, 21DollarGlasses eyewear is designed to last the test of time. We use only the most premium acetate, titanium, and steel materials available to craft your unique order. We place great pride in our lenses, as well. For a precise and complete vision correction experience, our eyewear is produced solely with lenses from Essilor, the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality lenses.