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Wayfarer Eyeglasses

There's a reason this is the most popular eyeglasses style for the last century. This unique, yet distinctive, the design has been a customer favorite for 21dollarglasses.com since we first launched our site. Wayfarer glasses seamlessly combine casual and professional, trendy and classic.

This design can be combined with other shapes, such as horn-rimmed or square. Our selection combines both those frames that are strict wayfarers or hybrids of two shapes. Browse our selection or filter your search even more with our size, color, or style options. You can never go wrong with this wayfarer eyeglasses. So go ahead, browse around.

What Exactly Are Wayfarer Glasses?

Sophisticated, fashionable, and attractively assertive, Wayfarer glasses are one of our most popular frame styles. With the popularity of retro frames sweeping the world, Wayfarer eyeglasses are once again a raging, blazing fashion statement made by anyone who wants to feel and look like a celebrity. Not only do they look great on men and women, but Wayfarers also offer functional vision improvement by providing wearers with a wide visual field and adequate eye protection.

If you're on the lookout for wayfarer sunglasses, we also have a great collection of wayfarer sunglasses for men and wayfarer sunglasses for women.