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Non-Prescription Glasses

Some say eyeglasses make people look smarter. We’re not sure about that, but we do know frames are more than just a tool for poor eyesight — they’re a fashion statement unlike any other. If you have perfect vision but love glasses as a style accessory, non-prescription glasses are perfect for you. We carry more than 1000 trendy frames in tons of different styles, and any of them can be worn as non-prescription eyeglasses.

For people with perfect eyesight, we would like help to keep it that way with our digital screen protection lenses. All you need to do is select a frame that you fancy and select digital protection for your lens selection. This will help protect your eyes against harmful blue-violet light. This is a great lens for anyone who doesn’t need glasses but wants an excuse to get them.

21dollarglasses.com is proud to provide the top looks that are trending around the world. For non-prescription glasses, it’s important you find a signature statement to set yourself apart. We carry tons of fun styles on 21dollarglasses.com.

All our glasses are designed using the highest quality materials — wood, acetate, plastic, metal, and titanium. So, whether you’re looking for a sleek new look for the office or something to make your indie-inspired wardrobe stand out, we have something you’ll love.

Since we believe high fashion doesn’t have to equal high prices, none of our eyeglasses will break the bank, either. We sell both non-prescription and prescription glasses for as little as $6.95. At prices like these, you can buy different frames for every day of the week.

If you have perfect vision but love glasses as a style accessory, non-prescription eyeglasses are perfect for you.