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Semi-Rimless Eyeglasses

These hybrid frames marry the minimalistic look of rimless with the durability of full-rim. Classic and lightweight, semi-rimless styles are timeless and forever in fashion. Perfect if you're looking for more design elements and personality than rimless frames with a minimalist look, try half-rim glasses.

Semi-rimless frames come in metal and titanium materials and extra small (XS) through large (L) sizes. From golden to blue to gray, these frames still show a little personality, but with a more mature and sophisticated element. Go ahead, browse around.

What Are Half-Rimless Glasses?

Half-rimless glasses are the same kind as semi-rimless glasses. Tiny screws mount lenses to directly to the side temple and/or bridge of the frames. Since a frame does not completely encircle lenses, semi-rimless glasses weigh less and decrease the pressure felt on the bridge of your nose.

In addition, eyeglass lenses are more stabilized with frames below or on top of lenses. For people with stronger prescriptions who want a lightweight pair of glasses, choosing semi-rimless eyeglasses would be a better choice for them compared to rimless eyeglasses.

Why Choose Semi Rimless Eyeglasses?

For those who want the clean, “barely there” look, half-rimless glasses represent the perfect option. Practical yet fashionable, these glasses put the focus of attention on your face and not your eyeglass frames. With the ability to blend in seamlessly with casual, business, or evening attire, semi-rimless eyeglasses can be worn anytime, anywhere.

They also allow your facial expressions to shine. They say eyes are the windows to the soul, and with half-rimmed eyeglasses from 21dollarglasses.com, your eyes will be able to do all the communicating they want.

Although lens shapes do vary, the primary design element characterizing half-rimless glasses involves the arms/temples. You can choose thicker temples for a bolder look or thinner, almost wire-like temples for a trendier touch. You might consider selecting a pair of semi-rimless glasses if you:
• Want a more mature, sophisticated look to go with your new attitude.
• Prefer less weight on your face and nose bridge, especially if you need to wear glasses all the time.
• Don't have a physically demanding lifestyle (half-rimless glasses simply aren't as sturdy as full frame glasses).
• Want something exclusive-looking to wear on special occasions.
• Have problems adjusting to frames because they interfere with your vision. Some people cannot get used to ignoring the sight of a frame encircling their vision. Wearing only rimless or semi-rimless glasses eliminates that blurry circle while improving their peripheral vision.