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Square Eyeglasses

Why change the classics? At 21dollarglasses.com, we offer hundreds of square eyeglasses from XS to L and everything in between. It's hard to get more classic than that. Do you like gray titanium? Or do you prefer clear plastic?

We have several colors and styles to choose from in full rim, semi-rimless, and rimless frames. You can also use our filter options to narrow your search or browse our entire catalog. As always, customize your glasses with lens options and coatings like premium water repellant coating or thinner lenses after you enter your prescription. Square up your style!

Is It Really Hip to Be Square?

Or do you have to be square first to be hip? That’s the question asked by our customers deciding whether they want square frames. If you consider your glasses to be one of your favorite wardrobe accessories, consider the boldness of a square. It's simple, direct and full of personality once you get past its, well, squareness.

Square frame glasses aren't really true squares. Most square frames are slightly asymmetrical, especially around the corners, so it doesn't look like you have two perfect boxes sitting in front of your eyes. Square frame glasses have the ability to provoke deeply intellectual discussions among people who absorb that kind of energy from your retro-square frames.

Imagine wearing a pair of glasses that inspire that kind of energy. You'll feel the energy, too!

Taking Advantage of Square Frames

Squares let you do a lot with your hair that you never thought possible. They look great whether you have short hair, medium hair, long hair, hair pulled back in a ponytail, a man-bun, or no hair at all. If you don't want your hair to be the center of attraction, your square eyeglasses will help divert attention from your bad hair day to your eyes and cheekbones instead.

Although shorter hairstyles tend to show off square frames, you can always style longer hair to keep it from hiding your gorgeous glasses.

Feel Smart, Look Smart, Stay Smart

Square eyeglasses never stray too far from that fine line between trending and fashionable. When you wear them, you feel your IQ increasing without any effort, and you know everybody is wondering if you have some inside information about trending fashion frames. Plus, you’ll never have to worry about your glasses clashing with your style. They tell everyone exactly what you're about.

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