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Round Eyeglasses

Our collection of round frames includes plastic, metal, and wood texture materials, as well as a spectrum of colors.

Get the look of these icons without paying the high prices. Round eyeglasses look especially great on those with square and oval faces. Continue to make your glasses as unique as you by adding any of our many lens options before checkout. Shop our most iconic eyewear now.

Round Glasses for the Whole Family

Available in a variety of rim styles and colors, round glasses from 21dollarglasses.com provide a unique option for men, women, and kids.

Lens Coatings for Your Round Glasses

Shield your eyes from harmful UV rays and protect kids’ lenses during rough and tumble play with our custom lens options. Choose from anti-scratch, UV protective, water repellant, polarized coatings, and more!

Circle Glasses Frames

Circle glasses frames are a classic style for the ages. These retro hits are a sure-fire way to enhance any outfit with vintage charm.

Metal Round Frame Glasses

Durable metal frames from 21dollarglasses.com offer a classic option that fits any budget. Titanium and other metal styles are lightweight yet strong—making them a great choice for everyday wear. Filter through a variety of styles to find a pair with intricate design elements that match your personality.