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Plastic Eyeglasses

Eyeglass frame materials have everything to do with the weight, style, comfort, quality, and the price of your eyeglasses. Plastic ranks among the most economical and durable materials we use. Plus, the light nature of plastic eyeglass frames makes them comfortable and optimal for someone who doesn’t want a heavy frame. At 21dollarglasses.com, we have a wide range of plastic eyeglasses in varying textures, patterns, and colors.

Many of our most fashionable, most colorful, and bestseller frames are made of this durable material. Because this material is long-lasting, you'll breathe easy knowing these frames are super stable. Those with high-powered prescriptions, bifocals, or progressive lenses might prefer this material in full rim frames, as these provide the most support for your prescription. Narrow your search using our filter options like style or color, or browse our entire collection.

Why You Should Get Plastic Eyeglasses

Plastic eyeglasses are ideal for men, women, and all ages. The flexible, durable nature of the plastic guarantees your frames will hold up to long-term wear-and-tear. Plus, they’re easy to clean so you can maintain crisp vision.

Our wide range of designs and colors is sure to delight you. Also, if you also need a customized plastic frame, our on-site optical lab technicians and in-house optical professionals can make it happen.

Choosing Plastic Eyeglass Frames for Kids

Comfort, fit, and durability are at the top of every parent’s list when choosing plastic eyeglasses. Our goal is to make fashionable, cute, and lightweight plastic frames for their young ones. Our frames also include spring-connected temple arms which effectively prevent the glasses dropping down from the face. Browse our catalog and choose any color or shape you want.

Plastic Prescription Eyeglass Frames at Low Prices

Got a prescription but don’t want to spend $400 to have your glasses made in an hour at the mall? No worries! Send us your prescription via email when you order and we’ll take care of the rest.

Whether you need custom plastic frames or you want to order one of our current designs, simply enter your prescription details during the checkout process and you’ll be all set. If you get stuck, ping one our live chat reps and we’ll help right away. If you’ve ordered prescription eyeglasses from us before, sign in to retrieve your previous prescriptions for a quick and easy process.