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Oval Eyeglasses

If edgy frames aren't really your style, shop our wide selection of oval eyeglasses. These softer curved frames make for a more understated look than square or rectangle frames.

These frames come in full rimmed, semi-rimless, and rimless styles with a variety of materials, colors, and sizes. Don't think oval frames are just for women; we have many masculine and unisex frames. Many of them have a narrow lens height, making them perfect for reading glasses or near vision. Filter your search to include size, color, or material to better fit your needs. Find your favorites now.

Oval Glasses in Every Color

Whether you’re looking for tortoise acetate frames, basic brown rims, or gray metal glasses, we’ve got just the pair you need in a soft oval style. Our affordable options for men and women allow you to stock up on your favorites without breaking the bank. So go ahead and select a few pairs of fashion frames from our online catalog today.

Metal, Wood, and Plastic Oval Frames

Choose from a variety of materials including strong yet lightweight metals, fashion-forward wood texture, and durable plastic. Our titanium options offer style, sophistication, and ultimate strength while bright, bold plastics provide fun flair. From simple classic styles to chic modern frames, 21dollarglasses.com has the perfect pair of oval glasses for you.

Full Rimmed, Semi-Rimless, and Rimless Oval Eyeglasses

Select a simple, understated pair of rimless frames or make a bold statement with thick rims from 21dollarglasses.com. We offer a variety of rim styles for both men and women.

Customize Your Oval Glasses with Our Lens Options

Choose the custom lens options from 21dollarglasses.com that match your individual lifestyle and unique needs. To defend your glasses against drops and everyday wear and tear, select our anti-scratch coating. Or keep your lenses sparkling twice as long with our premium water repellant coating that protects against water, dirt, and smudges. Our polarized coating reduces annoying reflection and comes in a variety of tints, and the light adjusting coating darkens or lightens according to sun exposure.

If you spend hours each day in front of a digital screen, consider 21dollarglasses.com BLUE to shield your eyes from harmful light and strain. Whether you want to avoid annoying glare on your lenses or protect your eyes for harsh rays, we have the custom options you need.