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Aviator Eyeglasses

The best part about aviators (aside from their cool factor) is that they fit just about any face. Square, round, heart, and pear shapes can all pull off aviator sunglasses with ease. They’re extremely popular, but rest assured, we offer enough options for you to be able to put your own unique spin on this enduring style.

As the name suggests, aviator glasses frames were designed for pilots—way back in the thirties. Since then, aviator glasses have gone on to become a timeless symbol of swagger and attitude. While they do come in a range of materials, most feature metal rims and the aviator’s signature double nose bridge. The lenses are traditionally big, dark, and reflective, which swiftly bring out the bold in anyone wearing them.

Everybody wants a pair of aviator eyeglasses—they’re sporty and adaptable to most wardrobe preferences. Harkening back to the days when daring airplane pilots flew planes without any protection, aviator glasses were made specifically to safeguard pilots from the glare of intense sunlight and strong winds. The larger-than-normal frames and lenses extended to the eyebrows and down to the middle of the cheeks. Today, aviator eyeglasses are slightly smaller and come in a variety of frame materials, but they still have the double-nose bridge indicative of classic aviator glasses.

Extremely popular in the 70s and 80s, aviator glasses frames took a back seat to other frame styles in the 90s. They’ve made a comeback in the 2000s due to both male and female celebrities sporting them while out on the town. Offering an upscale yet earthy look, aviator eyeglasses and sunglasses give your face symmetry and proportion while gracing your overall appearance with a sense of spontaneity and intensity. At 21dollarglasses.com, our collection of aviator eyeglasses for men can't be beaten. If aviator eyeglasses for women are what you're looking for, you won't be disappointed either.