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Sunglasses Frame Materials

Materials for Prescripiton Sunglasses Frames

Designing sunglasses is about much more than choosing a shape and color. It’s also about selecting a sunglass frame material that creates an unmatched look.

Our catalog of Sunglasses Frames features three materials: acetate, metal, and plastic. The variety lets you discover a pair of shades that capture your unique aesthetic. Discover more about our materials below.

Plastic Sunglasses Frames

Our plastic frames make for a fun and versatile choice wherever you go. Try the following styles to create a multi-purpose ensemble:

  • Round shades for a demure or striking outfit.
  • Wayfarer for clothes with patterns or deep colors.
  • Oval sunglasses for a somber or lively occasion.

Acetate Sunglasses Frames

Our acetate frames offer you the best of fashion — both modern-day and classic designs. Popular acetate frame styles include:

  • Horn for a 1950s throwback with a hint of modern attitude.
  • Rectangular for lovers of a small yet square-shaped lens.
  • Round for a classic pair of shades with fashion-forward details.

Metal Sunglasses Frames

With our metal Sunglasses Frames, you’re given a sleek and eye-catching design with a relaxed feel. Choose our metal frames and capture some of these looks:

  • Square-shaped lenses are the epitome of classic and offer rich colors.
  • Aviator shades continue this timeless trend to give you a look that’s right off the airport runway.
  • Horn sunglasses recall wearers like Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor.